CAM Commerce POS Integration

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CAM Commerce POS Integration

$75 / Month

Integrate your CAM Commerce Point of Sale and e-commerce business so the two systems work as one. Available for HipCommerce, Magento, Shopify or WooCommerce, download Modern Retail's POS Integrator for CAM Commerce and start working more efficiently today.


*Note: The monthly fee of $75 will not be charged until 30 days after completing your order. 

CAM Commerce POS Integration

Is your Point Of Sale software communicating with your e-commerce business? If not, you could be losing money.

We can integrate your Point of Sale software, including CAM Commerce’s Retail STAR® POS, Retail ICE, or Profit$, with your online store, allowing your two systems to work together. Our Integrator enables communication between CAM Commerce and your website so that information is updated quickly and easily.


Whether your e-commerce business has been built on a WooCommerce, Shopify or a Magento platform, we can help. Our integrator is designed to work with some of the most popular platforms, allowing your CAM Commerce POS system and e-commerce business to share information.


With Modern Retail, our fees are transparent. Our single solution includes everything you need to integrate your CAM Commerce and your e-commerce site. No hidden charges for extra extensions or support.

  • The monthly cost covers all support and bandwidth charges associated with keeping your e-commerce server connected with CAM Commerce as well as ongoing client support.
  • The setup cost covers installation of the extension, initial product upload, training and support.

Benefits of Modern Retail’s Integrator:

Aside from making your life a whole lot easier, following are a few things that our integrator can do:

  • Pull product catalog updates from your POS system and send it to your website.
  • Provide up-to-date pricing and inventory information by simply running the integrator.
  • Allow editing of information coming from your POS system so you can merchandise products in a way that sells online.

The bottom line is that integrating your POS system saves you time, improves efficiencies and increases your customer satisfaction.

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What does the setup fee cover?

Modern Retail will work with you to get our Integrator installed on your server. We’ll also work with you to create the correct report out of CAM Commerce to update you online inventory.

What does the monthly fee cover?

This fee includes ongoing support and updates. If you are experiencing a problem with your integration at any time, submit a Support Request and we are happy to help you out.

Does your Integrator send order and customer data to CAM Commerce?

No. Today our integration with CAM Commerce is just a “one-way integration.” Meaning, product and inventory information is sent from CAM Commerce to your website, but we do not send online order information to CAM Commerce.

Do you automatically map the categories from CAM Commerce to the e-commerce platform?

No. Instead the products will flow from CAM Commerce to the e-commerce platform where you can assign the appropriate website category. This allows you to name and organize the products in CAM Commerce differently than from your website, giving you ultimate flexibility.

Can my web developer install the Integrator?

Yes. We can provide instructions on how to install the Integrator on your systems.

I don’t want to install your Integrator. Will you do it for me?

Yes. No problem.

Are coupons, gift certificates and loyalty programs also integrated?

No. Our Integrator keeps the inventory in-sync with CAM Commerce, and passes down orders and customer information to CAM Commerce, but at this time, it does not integrate coupons, gift certificates or loyalty programs.

What do you update once a product has been added?

Typically only Price, Inventory (QOH) and UPC’s are updated.

Can I override the price and inventory in the e-commerce platform?

No. We definitely have a master-slave approach when it comes to prices and inventory. CAM Commerce is the master and your website is the slave. Pricing and Inventory changes are always made in CAM Commerce and they flow from the CAM Commerce webstore to your website. All other variables can be changed and merchandised in your e-commerce platform.

I do not like how my products are named in CAM Commerce. Can they be changed on the website? Can I modify the description?

Yes. You can change the product name and descriptions within your e-commerce platform. Modern Retail likes to say you can “merchandise” your products the way you like to see them online by editing the product details in your e-commerce platform.

Do I upload my images in CAM Commerce?

No. You upload images directly within the e-commerce platform.

I have a bunch of products in my site already. Will your Integrator connect the products that are already there to CAM Commerce?

No. I’m sorry this is far more complicated than it might seem. When products are added through this integration, a “connection” is made to the products in CAM Commerce. If you have already added products to your e-commerce system, then there is nothing to connect them to CAM Commerce. Theoretically it might be possible to figure out these connections, but it is not something we could do within the scope of your project. Frankly, you’re probably better off adding all new products using our Integrator than trying to figure out how to connect all of your old products.


Does your integration create new attribute values such as color and size in Magento?

Yes. We will automatically create these new attributes in Magento.

Does your Integrator create Configurable Products in addition to Simple Products?

Yes. Our integration will automatically create the Configurable Products in Magento and assign the Associated Simple Products to it.

You are telling me you will automatically create the Configurable and Simple Products and associate them together?


My data in CAM Commerce is a mess, and I have used a zillion different colors. Can I map colors so all these attributes aren’t created in Magento?

Yes. If you have for example 20 different names for the color blue in CAM Commerce, they can all be mapped to a single color “Blue” in Magento.

When Simple Products are assigned to Configurable Products, will the status automatically be set to "not visible individually"?


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