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HipCommerce makes it easy to share.


Let’s face it social media is important but keeping up and updating all these social media outlets can be daunting. Luckily with HipCommerce and WordPress it is easy to blend your website with social media using a nearly endless supply of plugins and widgets.


Using Facebook Connect, Facebook’s official WordPress plugin, you can automatically send the blog posts in your website to you Facebook page. This will cut your workload in half and gives your Facebook visitors a reason to visit your website or blog.

Social Media



Do you love Instagram? So do we! With the Instagram plugin it is super easy to display your latest photos on your homepage or even in the footer on every page in your website. Simply upload your images to Instagram and see them automatically appear on your website – what could be easier? Here’s an idea! Encourage your customers to post Instagram photos of themselves right there in your store! Dressed up and looking good in your latest new arrival, get them to snap of quick photo near the dressing room.


Are you a steadfast Tweeter? Your tweets can also be pulled in and displayed wherever you want them on your website.

Latest Tweet


Pin-It On Pinterest

We make pinning on Pinterest easy as well by implementing Pinterest “Rich Pins” on every site. Rich Pins automatically include pricing and availability information of your products on Pinterest. This makes it a breeze for Pinterest visitors to find and buy the products on your website.


If you sell fashion related items to a younger demographic, then you should absolutely be listed on Wanelo. Modern Retail will make it easy for visitors to post and contribute products on your website to this popular social shopping website.

Wanelo Example

AddThis Social Bookmarking

Add This Analytics

Modern Retail will also include the AddThis social bookmarking tool to your website. This tool makes it easy for your visitors to share your products with their favorite social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, etc.  AddThis also provides interesting insight and analytics on how shoppers are using and sharing your website.

We could go on about the advantages of your HipCommerce website when it comes to social media, but we think you get the point. To find out how we can help you with your HipCommerce E-Commerce site, get started today.