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POS & ERP Integrations


At Modern Retail, we believe your POS & ERP software and your online business should work together; sharing information so you can work more effectively and efficiently.


Your  POS (Point of Sale) or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software has all of your inventory, pricing and sales information, but unfortunately, the way this information is stored in your system doesn’t translate well to business on the web. Our POS and ERP integration allows you to merchandise products on your website how you want to rather than how it’s entered into your POS or ERP system. At Modern Retail, we know what it takes for retailers to succeed online and we’ve designed our Integrator to help you do just that.


Website Design + Integration

Because we know how important POS or ERP Integration is to the success of your e-commerce business, every website that we design, whether WordPress or Magento, comes with integration included.

Magento Integration Only

Maybe you have a Magento website that you’re satisfied with, but you still want the benefits of integrating your POS or ERP system with your e-commerce business. We’ll partner with your design team to ensure a smooth integration.

Point of Sale & ERP Systems

We have integrated POS and ERP systems from some of the leading companies. Don’t see your software? Give us a call and we’ll make it happen!
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Storefront Platforms

At Modern Retail, we specialize in working with WordPress and Magento platforms. When we create a complete e-commerce website for you, our solution includes having your online webstore integrated with your POS or ERP system. If you have a Magento platform and are interested in Integration only, we can help you with that too.

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Benefits of POS & ERP Integration

Aside from making your life a whole lot easier, following are a few things that our integrator can do:

  • Pull product catalog updates from your POS or ERP system and send it to your website.
  • Send completed order and customer information to your POS or ERP system giving you a holistic view of your customer’s online and in-store purchase history.
  • Provide up-to-date pricing and inventory information with no intervention from you.
  • Send point of sale or ERP inventory information, including UPC codes, to online marketplaces such as Google and Amazon.  Without this information, your products may not be able to be sold at these marketplaces.
  • All product information coming from your POS or ERP system can be edited so you can merchandise your online products as you see fit.  You have complete control over how customers view your products online which is independent of how you entered them into your POS or ERP system.

The bottom line is that integrating your POS or ERP system saves you time, improves efficiencies and adds to your credibility and customer satisfaction by providing up-to-date inventory and pricing.


Point of Sale (POS) & ERP Companies

dollar_sign_icon_long Are you a Point of Sale or ERP vendor looking for someone to assist your customers with their e-commerce business? If so, Modern Retail is interested in talking with you! Working together we can make the most of your system and create the best online shopping experience for your customers.

What our clients are saying

  • "We have never felt anything less than brilliant for that choice of going with Modern Retail because of the level of reliability and the kind of response we get." Barker & Meowsky

  • "One of the differences about Modern Retail is that they think outside of the box and you can tell that right upfront when they show you the different websites that they’ve worked on." William Glen

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